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The  2021 Team

dr. lott_edited.jpg
Brittany Lott, PhD.

Chemistry Instructor, Research Advisor

Attended: Arkansas State University, University of Memphis
Favorite Science: Physical Chemistry
After graduate school, Brittany taught General and Physical Chemistry at Western Carolina university before moving to Charlotte and coming to Country Day. She loves teaching the dedicated students at Country Day and is excited to get back into the realm of scientific research--computational biochemistry was her research field as a doctoral candidate! At home, Brittany and her husband Alex have three young children and one silly, hairy dog. She loves to play outside, read science fiction, and watch comic book movies.
Tom Collins

Head of Science Department, Project Advisor

Attended: Imperial College, London
Favorite Science: Anything to do with the 2nd Law...
Before going into teaching, Tom spent some time in different research fields including pharmaceutical design, biogeochemistry, and synthetic organic chemistry. Organic chemistry remains his passion and he is really pleased to have students here at Country Day that are willing to take it on. He has taught in schools on both sides of the Atlantic but has really found his home here in the US. He and his wife have two children who both attend Country Day. Outside of school, his interests include carpentry and ocean sailing.
joey (2).png
Joey Beach

Class of 2021

Attending: George Washington University
Cal Headshot_edited.jpg
Cal Benson

Class of 2021

Attending: Dartmouth College
Favorite Science: Physics and Organic Chemistry
  • Member of the Fusion 360 Team with Patrick and Charlie

  • Plans to major in engineering sciences and play on the Dartmouth rugby team

Evan Biller

Class of 2021

Attending: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Evan is an important member of the Wincoot/PyMOL data collection team, which consisted of Kaelan van Cleef, Jakob Humphrey, and himself. He also plays a small role in the Website team, helping to design the website and upload tutorials for the future research members. Evan loves physics, biology, and chemistry, and is attending UNC Chapel Hill to study a combination of those fields. He wants to either got to medical school or graduate school for physics.
Meg Birenbaum

Class of 2021

Attending: Claremont McKenna College
Favorite Science: Organic Chemistry
  • “Drilling specialist” of the construction squad

  • Helped to prepare and assemble physical models

MicrosoftTeams-image (12)_edited.jpg
Arjun Brar

Class of 2021

Attending: Georgetown University
Favorite Science: Chemistry
  • Initially a part of the Fusion-360 model design team

  • Transferred to be a part of the WEbsite crew that, unfruitfully, attempted to overhaul the website

  • Plans to major in math and economics

Marshall Broadfoot

Class of 2021

Attending: Cornell University
Favorite Science: Chemistry
  • A member of the 3D Printing Team

  • In her free time, she rides horses and is planning to play on women's polo team at Cornell. She also works at Student Agencies Properties and loves to read.

  • Hoping to major in business, with a double minor in real estate and city/regional planning

Joseph Forsythe

Class of 2021

Attending: Georgetown University
Evie Headshot_edited.jpg
Evie Gates

Class of 2021

Attending: Rice University
  • Role on the team is R coding

  • Specifically I worked on the calculating bond lengths and torsional angles programs

  • Majoring in biomedical/biomolecular and chemical engineering, likely minoring in computer science

Harrison Gillespie

Class of 2021

Attending: Northwestern University
  • Captain of the Soccer team

  • Coding squad to start

  • Leader of the WEb revolution after usurping power from Sarj

  • Plays ultimate frisbee and is also an Eagle Scout

  • Planning on double major: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Charlie Gorelick

Class of 2021

Attending: University of Virginia
Jakob Humphrey

Class of 2021

Attending: Clemson University
Favorite Science: Chemistry
Jakob is the powerhouse of the Wincoot/PyMOL Team. Him and Evan are truly the dynamic duo. Jakob is also a first mate of Sarge's Website ("Weebsite" according to Dr. Lott) Crew. Also, the fuel to his machine is chocolate milk, and chocolate milk only. He plans to major in chemistry and wants to be an analytical chemist or park ranger when he is older.
anne davis.jpeg
Anne Davis Jones

Class of 2021

Attending: University of Virginia
Favorite Science: Physics
  • Wants to gain real world experience in the sciences and expand her love of printing things as part of 3D printing team. Also needed to redeem herself after accidentally lighting the lab on fire last year

  • Likes printing the molecules because being able to see the models physically helps make up for her lack of spatial awareness

  • Always wanted to use those three d printing pen things growing up so using an actual 3D printer felt like a great way to fulfill that desire

  • Likes playing solitaire and sudoku in the downtime in between prints

  • Torn between wanting to study physics or economics in college

Patrick Moore

Class of 2021

Attending: Cornell University
Favorite Science: Chemistry
Patrick Moore graduated from CCDS in 2021 and is attending Cornell University where he will study chemical engineering. He worked on the Fusion 360 modeling subteam, and he spent time designing leucine, proline, and glycine. His favorite science is chemistry, and he is looking to apply it in biotechnology or energy storage systems after college. Outside of school, some of his hobbies include mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, skiing, soccer, and hiking.
Addison Pignetti

Class of 2021

Attending: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Favorite Science: Chemistry
  • Glue specialist of the model construction team

  • Also cleaned printed models, drilled, glued magnets, fixed problems with existing model, organized tools, supplies, and projects

  • Plans to major in biochemistry in college

Emma Ricks

Class of 2021

Attending: University of Chicago
Favorite Science: Biology
  • Magnet orientation specialist on the model constriction team

  • In this role, she helped in cleaning printed models, drilling, gluing magnets, fixing existing models, organizing tools, supplies, and projects.

  • Planning to major in bioengineering at the University of Chicago

Laura Saavedra

Class of 2021

Attending: Morehead Cain Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Favorite Science: Biology
  • Key member of the 3D printing team, named the 3D printers: Ron G (after the legend, Ronald G. Curtin), BEAST, and Paul

  • Very passionate about social justice, activism, and abolition - more specifically, immigrant empowerment and environmental justice

  • In school, she is the President of Hispanic and/or Latinx Alliance, part of the Diversity Awareness Executive Board and International Studies Board, participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is the Varsity Girls Soccer Manager

  • Outside of school, she is the President and CEO of By Immigrant Hands, National Action Coordinator of Extinction Rebellion Youth US, and Co-Coordinator of Extinction Rebellion Youth Charlotte

  • Plans to major in neuroscience + public policy on the pre-med track

Kaelan van Cleeff

Class of 2021

Attending: University of California, Los Angeles
Favorite Science: Chemistry
  • Was simultaneously part of the Wincoot team and Fusion 360 team

    • Measured different leucines effectively

    • Measured glycines

    • Built a glycine alpha carbon in Fusion 360

  • Love to play tennis and watch sit-coms

  • Plans to major in mathematics of computation

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