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The  2016 Team


Head of Science Department, Project Advisor

Attended: Imperial College, London

Favorite Science: Anything to do with the 2nd Law..........


Before going into teaching, Tom spent some time in different research fields including pharmaceutical design, biogeochemistry, and synthetic organic chemistry. Organic chemistry remains his passion and he is really pleased to have students here at Country Day that are willing to take it on. He has taught in schools on both sides of the Atlantic but has really found his home here in the US. His wife and he have two children, both attend Country Day. Outside of school, his interests include carpentry and ocean sailing.


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: University of Virginia

Favorite Science: Chemistry


For Austin, this project has been worth while as it has combined his passions for chemistry and scientific research, while also exposing him to new, advanced equipment. Austin has always enjoyed science, and more specifically chemistry, the most in school, as it never fails to capture his interest while also rigorously challenging him. This biochemistry research has brought this challenge to a new level. Outside of this project, Austin is an avid sports player and fan. He has played both baseball and football all four years for Country Day, and was one of three captains for the Varsity football team his senior year. In college, he plans to study engineering with an engineering business minor.


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: Columbia University

Favorite Science: Organic Chemistry


For Irene, the biochemistry project is an amazing opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary researches and to develop practical skills such as problem solving and team collaboration. She appreciates the experience of applying her science knowledge to create new things. The project also gives her a glimpse of how research works in the real world of science. Outside of class, she is a passionate musician, playing the piano from the age of four and the Chinese flute from the age of ten. She also enjoys traveling and reading. At Columbia, she plans to study pre-med with a minor in computer science and she will continue pursuing research in biochemical science.


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Favorite Science: Organic Chemistry, Physics


For David, this project has been an eye opening experience because it has allowed him to expand his mind in the research field. The project has allowed David to pursue his passion of learning new things in many different technical fields. Outside of science, David is an leading member of the theatre community. As acting president of the International Thespian Society and vice-president of Film Club, David finds himself at home on the stage. Some of his leading performances include Gomez in “The Addams Family” and the lawyer in “I Dream Before I Take the Stand”, a two man play where he received four out of the six awards at the North Carolina Theatre Conference. At UNC, he plans to pursue his love for business and engineering, and hopefully continue his acting career.



Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Favorite Science: Chemistry


Gordon enjoyed this project because it allows him to take the skills that we’ve learned in various classes and put them together to tackle a real world problem. He mentions that most high schoolers do not get the opportunity and freedom to pursue a challenge such as this. Working step by step to complete his goals has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. Beyond science, he plays basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. He plans to study either pre-med or business in college.



Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: Vanderbilt University

Favorite Science: Chemistry


Alongside Austin and Andy, Ben has been experimenting with the 3D printer and all the different settings and variables that can change the physical characteristics of the models. The opportunity to use a 3D printer is something that most high school students do not get to experience, but through this semester program, many different unique opportunities have materialized. Ben is very excited to have research experience going into college, and hopes to carry these skills over into new research programs in the future. Ben is the President of the Charlotte Country Day chapter of the National Honor Society, and recently earned his Eagle Scout in the fall of 2015. Ben has been a member of the Country Day lacrosse program since freshmen year, and has also played two years of soccer for the school. Next year, Ben is enrolled in the School of Engineering and plans to major in Chemical Engineering and possibly minor in Economics. He intends on being involved in research projects similar to this one.


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: New York University

Favorite Science: Organic Chemistry


Born in mainland China, spent childhood in Hong Kong and raised by his former medical doctor father who later switched to work for pharmaceutical administration, Andy has been influenced and developed an interest in field of biochemistry at an early age. Having taken Organic Chemistry and AP Biology keeps his interest high to continue his exploration and study in the field. In the summer of 2015, he was honored to be selected as an intern for the R&D and later Global Sales Strategy Department of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding, a national pharmaceutical group headquartered in Shanghai, China. He will be continuing his study at New York University to pursue a degree in biology or business administration, or both.


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Science: Chemistry, Environmental Science


Cabir enjoyed the biochemistry project because it tied together art, physics, chemistry, computer science, and math to achieve its goal. Working at the intersection of these disciplines, he says, he finds himself most productive and happy. Outside of science, Cabir has played the violin since he was two years old, has performed with local and national ensembles, and enjoys volunteering with the music mentorship program at Winterfield Elementary School. Additionally, he was the co-captain of the Varsity tennis team at Country Day. At Penn, he plans to pursue environmental studies, and environmental policy and management. He also hopes to continue research in renewable energy. 


Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Favorite Science: Computer Science, Physics


For John, this project has provided a unique experience where he has been able to combine his passion for computer science and exploration with his previous scientific knowledge. He says he valued learning what a true research experience is like, specifically the collaboration and dedication required for success. Outside of science, he was a co-captain of the varsity soccer team, ran indoor track, and played ultimate Frisbee. He also enjoys playing video games and the bass. In college, he plans to continue studying computer science, with a minor in business management.



Class of 2016, Founding Member

Attending: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Favorite science: Organic Chemistry, Physics


To Christien, this project was meaningful because it separated him and his peers from students at other high schools in the region. Christien valued the ability for his team to take on a challenge that not many others had previously, all while applying knowledge he'd gained in his STEM classes. Outside of his science, he was a leader on the Student Senate throughout high school, culminating in his election as Student Body President his senior year. Furthermore, he is an avid athlete, playing AAU and Varsity basketball, and running Varsity track throughout high school. In college, he plans to pursue studies in electrical engineering and computer science, with a minor in management. 

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